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School Vision, Mission, and Goal


To Give Children the Most Valuable Things


In keeping with the values and philosophy espoused by Mme. Soong Ching Ling, we prepare our students to take their place in the world as global citizens.  We respect the individual needs of children; foster a caring, creative, and inclusive environment; and nurture the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of each child.


In Primary School, we will help our students succeed by:


We expect our students to show their PRIDE every day.  Our students will be:  

They Will:

- Take a positive, active role in their community
- Accept and deal positively with human diversity
- Maintain a high level of personal and academic integrity

They Will:

- Respect their own culture and appreciate cultural similarities and differences
- Recognize and affirm the dignity and worth of every individual
Accept personal responsibility for their actions

They Will:

- Practice environmental responsibility
- Interpret and respond to different sources of information
- Use effective communication skills 
- Show kindness and support to all members of the SCLS community

They Will:

- Think, speak, read, and write clearly in English
Find appropriate solutions as an individual or in collaboration with others 
Actively pursue knowledge through a variety of resources incorporating the use of technology.
- Identify and solve problems by applying critical thinking skills and mathematical reasoning 

They Will:

- Select an ethical course of action when faced with choices
- Reflect upon personal growth and development
Practice good health habits and physical fitness
- Acquire new skills and apply new knowledge


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