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Middle School

The Middle School serves the students in grades six through eight. The Middle School students are in "F Building" which is a beautiful, state of the art, 16-classroom building with labs and meeting rooms. The large classrooms, labs, mobile electric boards, massive whiteboards, Resource Center with computers offers the students a chance to spread their wings and step into the world of more independence, individual responsibility, class selection, collaborative learning, team building activities, class meetings and club activities.

The "G Building" is for Middle School and High School students and is a center for the Sciences and Arts. It is a bright and engaging center for academic and artistic learning and includes 4 science labs, and 4 art centers. The ground floor offers a massive Art Gallery and the newest ID Lab (IDea) for the sciences.

Middle School teachers are subject trained. Hailing from seven countries, over 60% of our teachers hold advanced degrees. Embracing the Middle School students with understanding, humor, mature lessons and expectations, the students are on a journey to adulthood and most likely higher education in the Western world as they depart from SCLS.


English classes in the Middle School meet five times in a two-week period. The topics covered are geared towards skills necessary for everyday use and appreciation of the English language. World literature (including poetry and plays), spelling, writing, speaking, vocabulary growth, drama, fluency, comprehension, listening and understanding, research skills, critical thinking and test prep are all part of the English courses taught in the Middle School.


The Chinese Curriculum of Soong Ching Ling School International Division(Middle School) is based on the Shanghai local standard of Middle School Chinese Course and enriched with classics of Chinese traditional culture and history. It combines ancient and modern Chinese literature, accomplished by various learning methods such as classroom instructed learning, cooperative learning as well as independent study. The curriculum focuses on enhancing students' reading, writing and comprehension ability, as well as promoting student’s understanding in Chinese literature and culture.



Students in Middle School mathematics develop understanding and competency through a sequential program from Pre-Algebra through Geometry. Algebra skills and problem solving are included in all units of study. The ongoing emphasis is on building and maintaining a solid foundation of mathematical knowledge and understanding, and strengthening students' ability to apply concepts to everyday situations. Topics include arithmetic, algebraic expressions, graphs, equations, inequalities, functions, basic statistics, and an introduction to trigonometry. The primary focus throughout the middle school experience is on developing and refining computational skills while reviewing arithmetic, extending algebraic and geometric concepts, and applications. The development of logical and analytical thought is stressed throughout the course, and the continual use of the rule of four (solving problems by considering four different approaches: words, tables, equations, and graphs) provides the underpinning for the curriculum.


A focal point of our science programs is our science labs, which support the teaching. The Primary Science Lab for grades one to three is a child-focused science room/lab containing the capability to support our school STEM program for smaller students. Grades four and five use the standard science lab located in Building B which is complete with a lab for 25 students and a prep lab for the teacher. Middle School students use the new lecture plus lab, classroom facility. Primary School teachers use the Scott Foresman Explore science curriculum and the Middle School students use the Pearson Science Textbook and lab book combination.

Content is current, meaningful and provides hands on experiences. SCLS is a VEX Robotics school with VEX materials for building, programing and robotic battles and competitions.

In 2015 SCLS opened a new state of the art science building hosting biology, environmental science, general science and chemistry/physics rooms.


Social Studies is broken up into Ancient History in the 6th grade and Modern History in the 7th grade. 6th grade students begin the year studying early human history including the Paleolithic Era, and moving to the Bronze Age. They then study the first human civilizations, including Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. In the second semester, students study the Roman Empire and ancient civilizations in the Americas and Africa. 7th grade students begin their year studying the fall of the Roman Empire and Byzantium then moving into the European Middle Ages. In the second semester 7th graders explore how societies were affected by the industrial revolution, and then learn about how both World Wars transformed the world as we know it.

Information Technology (IT)

IT is scheduled into each student’s daily lesson according to the needs of the teacher’s lessons and the age of the students. The purpose of the IT lessons, in the IT lab, is to support research, filmmaking, journalism, keyboarding and English writing for science, humanities, English, languages and school programs.
We have 20 I pads for general use with grades two through five.

The Middle School hosts a large IT lab with the newest computers, software and research programs. IT is a required class in the Middle School.


Through classroom activities, student council, English in Action, Stop Animation Filming presentations, oral reports, science fair presentations, Young Ambassador Program our students have ample opportunities to speak and present. Oral speaking is a focal point for us as we work with the students.

Foreign Language

In the Middle School (grades 6-8) students are given the opportunity to take French 1 and 2, or Spanish 1 and 2 as their foreign language option. Languages include grammar, literature, conversational dialog, writing and culture.

Test Taking Skills

This is a Middle School program for students to help them to better understand test-taking strategies. Logical thinking, clear dissection of questions, pacing in testing, logical attempts at unsure questions, sample test questions on the SSAT and ERB exams are covered. Discussions are held about realistically preparing for test taking through practical sleep, diet, exercise, hydrations, and visualizing and mental preparedness.


Middle School students are part of the formal robotic program. Being a VEX school allows us the ability to build, program, compete and host robotic events. In the younger years the Primary students have ample exposure to block activities, Lego building and “construct-straw” building and split disk building. These early childhood programs lead into the Middle School robotic program.
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