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High School

Soong Ching Ling School opened the International Division High School in August, 2017. The High School serves the students in grades nine through ten, currently, with our High School eventually growing to grade twelve in the 2020-2021 academic year. The High School students are in "F Building," which is a beautiful, state of the art, 16-classroom building with labs and meeting rooms. The large classrooms, labs, mobile electric boards, massive whiteboards, and Resource Center with computers offer the students a chance to spread their wings and step into the world of more independence, individual responsibility, class selection, collaborative learning, team building activities, class meetings and club activities.

The "G Building" is for Middle School and High School students and is a center for the Sciences and Arts. It is a bright and engaging center for academic and artistic learning and includes 4 science labs, and 4 art centers. The ground floor offers a massive Art Gallery and a new chemistry lab.

The High School teaches the American Common Core curriculum for the main four core subjects, with other subjects based on Common Core, NGSS, and NCSS benchmarks. We are also offering a variety of Advanced Placement courses throughout the four years of high school.

High School teachers are subject trained. Hailing from seven countries, over 60% of our teachers hold advanced degrees. Embracing the High School students with understanding, humor, mature lessons and expectations, the students are on a journey to adulthood and most likely higher education in the Western world as they depart from SCLS.


English classes in the High School meet five times in a two-week period. Students are required to study English for all four years of their high school career. The topics covered are geared towards preparing students to be successful in English-medium universities overseas and appreciation of the English language. Building on the foundation that they learned in Middle School, the students in grade 9 and 10 will continue to study world literature (including poetry and plays), grammar, vocabulary, proper usage, structure, style, and themes. Writing assignments focus on the critical analysis of literature and include expository, analytical, and argumentative essays. Students in grade 11 will study English Language and Composition to engage them in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Students in grade 12 will study a variety of global literary sources, with a heavy reading load and written projects that help them refine their writing skills, culminating in an autobiographical project.


The Chinese language is an essential tool for communicating in this contemporary era, and Chinese civilization, which has produced many profound thoughts, is the most important of the modern developing world civilizations. By using this language and studying the culture, high school students of the International Division of Soong Ching Long School can learn more about the connection between the world and China, and understand more deeply about the Chinese civilization to maintain self-improvement on individual morality, character, and cultural awareness.

The Chinese language curriculum is designed to promote the students’ capability of using Chinese language effectively and exploring Chinese literature, as well as mature thinking skills, such as critical thinking for life-long learning and developing for their whole life.




The upper school mathematics curriculum is designed to deliberately transition students from middle school, with an emphasis on the development of higher order problem solving skills and advanced facets of critical thinking. The upper school course of studies will take advantage of the strong foundation of algebra developed in the middle school, and will continue to build understanding of concepts required for success in post-secondary mathematics courses. Topics will include Algebra II with more advanced applications of Trigonometry; Precalculus; Advanced Placement Calculus (AB and BC); and Advanced Placement Statistics. Additionally, for especially capable students, the mathematics department will offer, on a case-by-case basis, Differential Equations, Multi-variable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and other courses suitable for advanced study. A continuation of emphasis on the development of logical and analytical thought is stressed throughout the program, and the continual use of the rule of four (solving problems by considering four different approaches: words, tables, equations, and graphs) provides the underpinning for the curriculum.


The SCLS middle school science program exposes students to the basics of physics in 6th grade, chemistry and Earth / space sciences in 7th grade, and life science in 8th grade. These foundational middle school courses will set students up for success in the more detailed high school classes.

The SCLS high school science program currently offers conceptual physics in 9th grade and chemistry in 10th grade. As the school grows, biology and AP biology will be added for 11th grade, and a variety of AP courses will be added as options for 12th grade, including AP Environmental Science.

Throughout middle and high school, the science classes at SCLS engage students with inquiry-based activities, and students learn practical laboratory skills while studying rigorous content. Lessons are conducted to reach students of all learning styles, and often are centered around labs, simulations, or technology. Students can apply their mathematics and writing skills learned in other classes to scientific topics and real-world situations, which prepares them for the world outside of school. The science classrooms, located in G building, are designed specifically for learning the sciences and performing labs; they have all the materials and equipment necessary for a high school science curriculum.

Social Studies

As people that strive to become global citizens, our students are all required to take AP World History during their Grade 9-10 years. Their Grade 11 year will focus on understanding economics, either through our normal curriculum course or through AP Micro & Macro Economics. Students need only fulfill three years of Social Studies credits, but can take an elective course in this subject area during their Grade 12 year, with offerings such as AP US History or AP Psychology.

Modern Language

As our school’s namesake, Madame Soong Ching Ling was a shining example of a global citizen. She not only mastered multiple languages (such as Mandarin, English and Shanghai dialect), she was someone who strove to understand other cultures and be a part of the world. We aim to teach our students to be global citizens.

Our Modern Language requirement is for students to become at least tri-lingual, with English as the main language of instruction. Students are expected to complete four years of English and Chinese, with a minimum of two additional years of a third language. We currently teach Spanish and French as our additional languages.

Fine Arts

Many students find their connection to school and personal identity through the arts. A robust arts program allows students to develop and refine their skills. Should students choose to pursue an arts degree at the university level, they will have the foundational skills and experience to do so. The Arts Exploration during 9th grade, offers semester choices in Drama, Visual Arts, instrumental and vocal music, helps students revisit art forms they might not have explored since 6th grade. They may discover that now in 9th grade, they have an artistic area of interest and/or talent that had not connected to previously.

Students must have a least two arts credits to graduate. The 9th grade Arts Exploration course fulfills one of the two Arts credit requirements. The second credit may be met through Drama, Music, Visual Arts classes or through AP Fine Arts offerings.

Physical Education

Physical fitness is extremely important to students in high school. It is not only important to the mental and physical development of the students at this crucial age, but studies have shown that physical fitness also boosts the immune system and reduces mental stress, helping the students to become healthier and more focused students. Soong Ching Ling School recognizes this and has developed a four-year curriculum that will not only develop the students physically, but will also teach them health and nutrition; sports and activities of various countries and cultures around the world; and teambuilding skills.


In our Mathematics department, we utilize the ALEKS program for teaching mathematics to select students. ALEKS is a self-paced, web-based learning and assessment system that was developed over several decades by researchers at New York University and The University of California, Irvine, and is derived from Knowledge Space Theory. The most important feature of ALEKS is that it uses artificial intelligence to map the details of each student’s knowledge.

With the guidance of the teacher, students move at their own pace through ALEKS modules. Strong students can often complete at least two full-year Math courses by working in ALEKS.

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