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Primary School Enrollment Form


Before filling out the form, please prepare the following documents:

1. Student's passport size photograph in high resolution

2. Signed Tuition and Deposit Acknowledgement Form (printed and hand-signed) - for grade 1 only

3. Deposit Slip (grade 1) or Tuition Payment Slip (grades 2-5)

4. Student's ICBC bank card


1. 学生清晰的电子档证件照

2. 学费与留位费告知书 (需要打印签字并上传)


4. 学生名下的工商银行借记卡

Please click on the link below to fill out the form 请点击以下链接进行填写:

Grade 1 Enrollment Form 新生入学登记表

Transfer Student Enrollment Form 插班生入学登记表

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